The Rev. Dr. Charles W. Allen, Chaplain
317-319-7736 (H: 317-924-3971)

Celebrating God's love on God's terms, unlimited by ours

Grace Unlimited is an Indianapolis-based campus ministry committed to celebrating God's love on God's terms, unlimited by ours. Supported by Lutherans, Episcopalians and other people of faith and good-will, we believe that God's love is already at work in the lives of everyone, moving to the Spirit of God's common life with us in Jesus Christ, and our mission is to help all of us together grow in awareness and appreciation of where God may be leading us today. Our leaders claim common convictions, but no final answers, to remain open to what God is doing, on God's terms, beyond our own Churches and Creeds. We welcome everyone to join us in this vital quest.

Our Core Values:

Openness & Acceptance

The common life we share in Jesus Christ is open to all students, staff and faculty who wish to participate, and we aim to be a safe space for people who are unsure of their welcome elsewhere. We also give thanks for the testimonies and examples of other faith communities and pledge to work with them toward a deeper mutual appreciation. For the sake of community God loves diversity-more than we can even imagine. And so for the sake of our community we too must love and honor diversity. All are welcome-no exceptions.


We are each of us uniquely who we are only through relationships. We believe this to be true of God also. We say God IS love (1 John 4:16), because God's very life is a life in community. We believe togetherness should be celebrated and promoted whenever it reflects the mutual generosity we have come to know in the communion of God's Spirit in Jesus Christ, and we foster a variety of relationships on and off campus: regular worship, study, meals, visits to area churches and other excursions.


God's common life in Jesus Christ is an outgoing, out-reaching life, and the community we foster among ourselves exists not just for our benefit but for the benefit of all. Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for service through the college campuses, local churches, and student-led initiatives.


Spirituality is cultivating our common life with God, with one another, and with ourselves. It requires growth in every aspect of our lives. We encourage traditional practices like praying the Daily Office, centering prayer, and lectio divina. We also welcome and support efforts to draw carefully and respectfully from the spiritual wisdom of traditions other than our own. On college campuses, however, a vital spirituality especially requires growth in understanding the faith we have inherited or newly embraced. We therefore encourage students, staff and faculty to greet the process of critically sifting new ideas as exercises in spiritual discernment. And we offer opportunities for engaging the best in current scholar-ship on subjects relevant to living our faith daily. The result is a wide-awake spirituality, unthreatened by diversity.


All of our values find their focus and fulfillment in the compassionate love God has embodied for us in the life, death and risen life of Jesus of Nazareth. Compassion is not pity, but opening our lives to let others' joys and sorrows touch and be touched by ours. It's moving from a private, self-centered life into God's common life with us. It may not always be upbeat, and it's never easy, but it brings a shared joy deeper than any passing cheerfulness. We know that we are never far from a true and healthy faith if we are growing together in God's compassion for the world and for ourselves.